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An old answer to the Vagrant vs MAMP question on Reddit

I’m about to delete my Reddit account because it’s weird to have these passwords around for accounts that I really have no intent of using. I did find one answer I left to a question about my “Evolving WordPress Development with Vagrant” post that I feel like saving for posterity.

Is there an advantage for a single designer/developer who uses MAMP to set up and develop Wordpress sites? I read their docs but I couldn’t discern a real advantage if it’s just a single user configuration? – grafxbill

While there probably isn’t an immediate advantage, I would argue that if you can see yourself ever working with more than one site or a host that does not use a LAMP stack, then the long term benefits are worth it. Though one of my next goals is to setup a basic LAMP stack via Vagrant and at that point I’ll come back and tell you to ditch MAMP completely. 🙂

Caching alone is probably the most important reason for having a matching environment. These issues are so hard to troubleshoot locally if you don’t have the same setup. APC via MAMP can be helpful at first, but really duplicating the environment takes away a lot of assumption.

My other favorite thing is the quality of the sandbox. I can play around with server settings, screw everything up, and then ‘vagrant destroy’ to be back at square one without my personal computer feeling any of the side effects.

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