v1.1 of Varying Vagrant Vagrants has been pushed

This is a smaller release in the grand scheme of things, though the first (!) as a new organization. The milestone has been ready for several weeks now. Thanks goes to Aaron Jorbin for prodding it along. ūüôā

Quite a bit has been stable since v1.0, so we’re in a good spot to make a couple big changes in the next release including PHP 5.5.

From the changelog:

  • Transition to¬†Varying Vagrant Vagrants organization.
  • Add a CONTRIBUTING document.
  • Add¬†--allow-root¬†to all¬†wp-cli¬†calls in VVV core.
  • Use a new global composer configuration.
  • Add¬†zip¬†as a package during provisioning.
  • Introduce a helpful caveats section.
  • Remove¬†tcp_nodelay¬†config in Nginx. Reasoning in 0cce79501.

As always, feel free to stop by and open an issue if there’s something you’d like to see!

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