This is great. I think we could possibly adapt some of this for the handbook. Thanks for contributing. 🙂 You’ve been making a big difference and I’m excited to see where we are able to take multisite.

Some more details about triaging/sorting. Anyone can help with the due diligence of triaging tickets — they just can’t change milestones or priorities without “Bug Gardener” privileges. But we don’t hold those privileges close to the chest.

We’d just like to make sure you have a familiarity with Trac and our processes. Otherwise milestones get clogged up. It’s also just less overwhelming for users this way. When your account doesn’t have those privileges, a number of things are removed from the UI to make it a smoother and less confusing experience.

If you feel you are comfortable triaging tickets and have a general sense of what goes where, that’s really all I care about. When I see a name repeatedly on Trac I’ll usually just message them and let them know I’m giving them privileges. I try to add at least a few names each month. But it’s not a secret club — and it’s not written anywhere (it should be) but anyone can just ask for them. Simple as that.