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AeroPress and Gevalia Kaffee Espresso Roast

I fell–I know–for a commercial not too long ago that claimed off the shelf Gevalia house blend tasted better than Starbucks off the shelf house blend and I decided that I should try it with my new AeroPress so that I wasn’t missing out on anything. I’m not sure how much of a difference this makes, but I chose the espresso roast because I wanted to make something espresso like.

On the first press, I shot for the stars and tried to make a strong double espresso.

  • 30g of tamped cofee in an upright AeroPress
  • Water 30 seconds off the boil to just above the 2 mark.
  • Wait 10 seconds then press.

It required a bunch of pressure to push through, so I thought I had done well in getting a high-bar press going and that I’d be close to espresso. Unfortunately, while it looked good, the coffee tasted really strange. There was some kind of sour-y acid tasted that lingers around after every sip. It’s not due to the strength of the coffee, because I love strong coffee, but I’m not entirely sure.

The second batch, I used Stumptown’s inverted method with just one scoop. This turned out much weaker than the first, as expected, but that weird taste is still hanging out in the background somewhere. I can’t describe it as sour, but it’s something strange.

Ok, so now I’m completely wired because I tried to figure this all out in the span of 30 minutes.

The third batch is what I’m going to have to stick with for Gevalia. This time I used Stumptown’s inverted method with 30g of coffee with about 95g of water. It didn’t taste great, so I diluted it a bit by adding some more water. This became drinkable and while the weird taste is still back there somewhere, it definitely doesn’t bug me each time I take a sip.

Now to go run around the house a few times because my hands are shaking.

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Stephanie replied on 

I think sourness comes from rushing at any part of the process. I'll be curious to know what some other brands taste like. Do you have any local coffee roasters? is home roasting!

    Jeremy Felt replied on 

    That's way interesting! I'm going to have to try a slow batch now.

    Other brands are tasting really good. The Starbucks (yeah, yeah) Espresso Roast is great for espresso type stuff. I've had a couple more local coffees and they've been great for cup to cup.

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