As a semi-unhappy current MAMP PRO user, and having read about Vagrant and VVV all day (thanks for all the info!), I do have one nagging question remaining, something which isn’t clear yet. Hope you don’t mind me asking here.

I can understand all the explanations of how to install and set up a virtual machine server with Vagrant and/or VVV. So after all is done, you have a Virtualbox running with some server setup in it and a dev site in there. But what is missing for me, is how it would fit in/translate to my normal working routine. With MAMP I have like 50+ sites (lost count) running at the same time on my local MAMP stack. All site files for each website/project live in their individual folder inside my ~/sites folder on my mac. ~/sites/project1/, ~/sites/project2/, etc. I can access and work on all those sites at the same time, changing the files and accessing the projects in my browser. Want to create a new website project? Create a new folder inside ~/sites/newproject/, add the new project to the hosts file (using the GUI of Mamp Pro) and I’m done in 30 seconds.

MAMP is a very lightweight program running in the background all the time, not needing much resources, 80 Mb memory at the moment.

However, with Vagrant/vvv, do you have a single virtual machine running for all your projects? Or a virtual machine for each project separately? Would that even work? If one VM takes up 2 Gb (?), having 50 of them would take up massive amount of resources. And do you have to start up each VM for each project each time you want to work on it?

These things aren’t clear at all to me, unfortunately. If you or someone could point me in the right direction for an answer, I’d appreciate it a lot.