Jeremy Felt

v0.9 of Varying Vagrant Vagrants has been pushed

And it has one heck of a changelog.

Go get it!

It took us 105 or so days, we added about 200 commits, went through somewhere around 10 Vagrant releases, and things are looking sweet. The last few months have been great preparation toward a couple bigger features that are slated to be part of version 1.0 in the coming months.

What’s the best part?

We crossed 30 contributors and 100 forks. The community around VVV has been fantastic to work with.

So yeah, here’s the awfully long changelog of great things that made it into the v0.9 release. Keep your eyes open for v1.0!

  • Possible Annoying: Use precise32 for the Vagrant box name for better cross project box caching.
    • Note: This will probably cause a new Vagrant box to download. Use vagrant box remove std-precise32 after avagrant destroy to remove the old one and start with this.
  • Possible Breaking: Change VM hostname to
    • Note: If you had anything setup to rely on the hostname of precise32-dev, this may break.
  • Possible Breaking: Change MySQL root password to root
    • Note: If anything is setup to rely on the previous password of blank, this may break.
    • You can also now access mysql -u root without a password.
  • Introduce support for the WordPress develop.svn
    • This was added pretty much the day it was available. Such a pleasure to work with!
    • Allowed us to remove the old wordpress-unit-tests in favor of the new wordpress-develop/tests
  • Introduce support for the Vagrant hostsupdater plugin
    • Use vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater to install.
    • Very, very much recommended for an easier and happier life.
  • Introduce Postfix with a default config. Mail works! (But check your spam)
  • Introduce the WordPress i18n Tools, including config/homebin/makepot
  • Introduce PHP_CodeSniffer, WordPress-Coding-Standards, and Webgrind
  • Remove entire well intended but not so useful flags system
  • Rather than include PHPMemcachedadmin in the VVV repository, download it on initial provision
  • Verify support for Vagrant 1.3.5 (as well as 1.2.x) and Virtualbox 4.3 (as well as 4.2.x)
  • Move xdebug_on and xdebug_off controls to executable files in config/homebin
  • Generate vagrant_dir in Vagrantfile for accessing relative file locations
  • Add a basic network connectivity check by pinging Google DNS servers
  • Update stable version of WordPress automatically on provision
  • General cleanup to screen output during provisioning
  • Many updates to the default nginx configuration
  • Remove poor, unused implementation of Watchr
  • Provide default certs for SSL in Nginx

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