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Hi WordCamp Europe, My Name is Jeremy

Hey fellow WordCamp Europe attendee!

A week from tomorrow I’ll be making the long series of flights from Pullman, WA to Amsterdam. From there it’s a short train ride to Leiden, where I’ll spend the next week hanging around, doing some work, enjoying the area, and attending WordCamp Europe.

At Washington State University, we’re proud sponsors of the first WordCamp Europe and I’m very excited to be attending.

I have a few things on my checklist to accomplish while I’m there:

  • Meet you all! It’s going to be great to have so much talent from across the world in the same room and I can’t wait to learn from everyone.
  • Talk with anybody involved with WordPress in higher ed. I’m starting to become more and more aware of prior art at the university level and I’d love to sit down and chat with anyone about their experiences.
  • Talk with anyone who has tackled WordPress Multi Network. We’re building out a large central platform at WSU and my focus over the next year is going to be directly on improving this experience as much as possible. I’m hoping for this to be my focus on contributor day as well, though at that point I’ll help with anything to make 3.7 ready to ship.
  • Talk your head off about development environments and deployment techniques. Primarily Vagrant, but I’m a geek about all of it. If you have any questions about VVV (started here just 9 months ago), I’m more than happy to walk you through the answers. If you’re looking to make the next step into a Vagrant environment of your own, I’ve got opinions!

I enjoy coffee. I enjoy beer. I enjoy walking around new places. If you’d like to join me for one of those while we’re in Leiden, leave a comment here, ping me on Twitter, or send me an email. Let’s do it!

As far as non WordCamp activities go, there are a few things I’m looking forward to.

I’m excited to arrive with perfect timing to celebrate the end of the siege of Leiden. I’m planning on heading out to the De Molen brewery mid-day on Friday to get from the source what is supposedly the best beer in Netherlands. And on Tuesday, after all the WordCamp Europe festivities have died down, I’ll be grabbing a train down to Brussels to be a tourist for the day.

See you all there!

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    Jeremy Felt replied on 

    Absolutely! I'll talk all day about the benefits of using Vagrant in your development workflow. Saving developers, one MAMP/WAMP uninstall at a time. :)

Joey Kudish replied on 

See you there my friend! Sad to miss the Siege -- didn't know about it until now and we arrive on the 4th. Amy and I will be in Brussels after WCEU as well so possibly can grab dinner/a beer/coffee there :)

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