Airlines are Weird

I’m flying to Amsterdam in October for WordCamp Europe.¬†For the purpose of cost savings, but mostly to be in Iceland for a handful of minutes, I booked PDX / SEA / KEF / AMS.

This looks crazy at first glance, but it made some sense when I lived in Portland. Now that I’ve moved to the eastern edge of Washington, departing from PDX is unfortunate. More effective would be flying from our local airport to SEA and then joining the previously booked flight path from there.

I called Icelandair with expectations, and those expectations were confirmed.

Because I booked the cheap seats, things are locked in place. Any change requiring a reissue of tickets requires an additional fee of $300. I can’t drop off the PDX -> SEA leg of the flight, and if I don’t show up for the leg, I’m in the system as a no show and I lose my seat on the entire booking.

I expected this, but it’s still weird. The airline should have plenty of opportunity to rebook that single leg, likely for much more than it was worth as part of this trip.

And now, I’ll most likely be hopping from PUW -> SEA -> PDX -> SEA -> KEF -> AMS and back again.

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