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v0.7 of Varying Vagrant Vagrants has been pushed

v0.7 of Varying Vagrant Vagrants has been pushed

Lots and lots of changes this time around. It’s also worth reading the discussion on the Puppet provisioning pull request that did not go through.

BREAKING CHANGES: Breaking changes are made in this release due to the reorganization of config files for PHP that will require a full vagrant destroy and vagrant up to resolve.

  • Refactor of package provisioning allows for better (and incremental) vagrant provision uses by checking individual package installs before attempting to install them again.
  • Remove several flags used to disable portions of provisioning. This favors the scaffold approach provided by VVV.
  • Improved nginx configuration and documentation
  • Use –asume-yes vs –force-yes with apt
  • Update Composer based on a specific revision rather than always checking for an update.
  • Update Mockery based on a specific version rather than using the dev channel.
  • Update [ack-grep]( to 2.04
  • Add php5-imap package
  • Update to Nginx 1.4 sources
  • Update to PHP 5.4 sources
  • Update to Git 1.8 sources
  • Updated xdebug configuration parameters, fixes 60s timeout issue
  • Better method to enable/disable xdebug configuration
  • Refactor handling of custom PHP, APC, and xdebug configurations
  • Bump default memcached memory allocation to 128M
  • Introduce custom apc.ini file, bump apc.shm_size to 128M
  • Provide a phpinfo URL at
  • Set WP_DEBUG to true by default for included installations of WordPress

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