Jeremy Felt

v0.6 of Varying Vagrant Vagrants has been pushed

v0.6 of Varying Vagrant Vagrants has been pushed

Plenty of changes and plenty of contributions this round. Great stuff!

  • Add WordPress Unit Tests
  • Option for custom shell provisioning file
  • Pre/Post provisioning hooks via additional shell scripts
  • Flags system to disable portions of default provisioning
  • Grab stable WordPress from latest.tar.gz vs SVN
  • Append custom apt sources list to default
  • Update to SVN 1.7.9, addresses specific Windows permissions issue
  • Move wp-cli to /srv/www/ for easier contributions

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    Robert Lilly replied on 

    Quick tip for Windows users: after doing 'vagrant up', the files, including the VM, will be in an EXTREMELY fragmented state. To reduce disk churning do a 'vagrant suspend' or 'vagrant halt' and then defragment everything. Upon resuming there will MUCH less disk activity while the VM is running.

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