A WordPress Meetup Introduction to Vagrant – What You’ll Need

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    1. Hey Daniel,

      That’s a great question. I’m not a user of Parallels and am only somewhat familiar, so I can’t answer to what it takes (or if it is possible) to easily provision multiple development environments.

      I do know that Vagrant will be supporting at least VMWare Fusion in addition to VirtualBox soon, so my bet is that there will be a day when you can use it with Parallels if you do find it appealing.

      As for why it’s more or less useful, that will be up to you after the presentation.

  1. Hi Jeremy!

    I’m looking forward to your presentation. I’ve been wanting to try Vagrant for a while now and here’s my chance.

    Question: I installed the precise32.box as per your directions. I’m familiar with this version of Ubuntu since it’s the same as what I’m running on my file server. Out of curiosity I SSHed into into it and (as sudo) ran apt-get update. There were a whole slew of upates available so I went ahead and did the update. I don’t know what the security risks are running in a VM, but I figured I’d better be safe than sorry. Now on to my question, is my having done this going to interfere with my ability to follow along with your presentation? If the underlying OS is out of sync with what you’re using, will that change anything on the Vagrant side of things?



    1. Hey Robert!

      This is actually fantastic. I can’t see it causing any issues at all and is a great first step when dealing with a new box. In fact, I should probably make that part of the default provisioning.

      I would say keep playing around with it until Monday and it will fit in with the presentation and discussion just fine. And if something breaks, a quick vagrant destroy and vagrant up will have you back to the base in minutes.


  2. Jeremy,

    Thank you, it seemed to work for me. One glitch–I read the Vagrant instructions as you said, but (without thinking) followed their initial install instructions on the first page. Then–I switched back to your instructions. Mayhem ensued. So, I deleted the first box, then followed *only your install instructions*. No mayhem.


  3. This mostly worked great! Thank you for sharing the info.

    The one I sure i am having is with getting wordpress to show correctly.

    When I get wordpress to load i get”Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found.

    Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain. ” the usernames and passwords on the git page were incorrect for wordpress, phpadmin and mysql.

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