Jeremy Felt

This Is Defollower

I pushed a new version of Defollower [link removed March 22, 2021] live today after letting it sit dormant for the last 8 months or so. I felt like coding on something other than WordPress and knocking out one of the dusty projects that’s just been taking up server space.

This is Defollower. And this is the list of the tweeps you follow that have not said anything in at least 30 days. Why does that matter? To some it may not. To others, Twitter is an peer based ecosystem in which we rely on our relationships to lead us to new ones. Recommendation engines may peer into our following lists and use that data to recommend that others follow the same users that we are already following. Imagine the confusion when a recommended followee appears that hasn’t uttered a character, let alone 140, in months.

It’s open on GitHub as well, so feel free to take it and run!

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