Jeremy Felt

Prince Edward Island, Day 01

Our first full day on the island was a success.

We woke up late Thursday morning and had a great small breakfast on the porch of our cottage while looking out onto a sunny Gulf of Saint Lawrence. We then drove off toward Cavendish and got appropriately lost in the fictional and real houses and forests of L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. At the end of the Haunted Trail and on the property where Montgomery grew up was a bookstore where we met the wife of L.M Montgomery’s first cousin who did a fantastic job of explaining the lay of the land, both new and old.

After finishing up with Green Gables, we made our first visit to the sandy dunes of Cavendish Beach. Several fox friends kept watch in an overly domesticated way as we drove out along Gulf Shore Rd and enjoyed the beautiful coastline.

The day’s adventuring ended with amazing fresh lobster and mussels at the St. Ann’s Church Lobster Supper in Hope River with fantastic (!!!) live music from singer songwriter Dakota Oliver. What a great voice! She also informed me that locals enjoyed their lobster cold, which triggered my decision to order the lobster cold, and I am now a happy cold lobster enjoyer.

And as a side note, I am now familiar with the word tomalley.

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