Jeremy Felt

Skype And Apache

If you all of a sudden have trouble starting Apache on your Windows system, either through XAMPP or otherwise, and you also have Skype installed, this screenshot is for you.

Disable port 80 in Skype

I’m not entirely sure why Skype would choose to tie up port 80 by default, as that configuration has to be so unlikely for the average user, but they do. So if you’re having trouble starting Apache, uncheck that little box first.

I wouldn’t normally create a post for this, but if you don’t get the search terms right, you run into a bunch of ‘tutorials’ that take forever to just say the words ‘Skype uses port 80’. Sometimes all you need is a little screenshot. So now this exists, and it can now provide more juice to other similarly helpful posts such as Apache and Skype from Otto, which I ran into after being amazed at the other several hundred word tutorials.

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