Jeremy Felt


Possessions are a funny thing. Seems like you never have enough until you have too much.

This adventure that we’re embarking on today has been well over a year in the making. In that time we’ve been able to reduce our overall footprint to pretty much what you see in the first photo. Nine big tubs, a few extra random small tubs, some kitchen appliances, and a wonderful vacuum cleaner. A few other things aren’t pictured, namely the bikes out at my parent’s house in Denver, but this is about all.

So much work went into getting things down to this amount, which even now seems like way too much. I think there are many lessons to learn from this trip, and this will be one of the things that will take a while to process.

For now, thanks to wonderful friends and family that hold on to things for us, we’ll forget about our possessions and learn to live with what we have.

Which brings us to the second picture, the stuff that we will have to worry about. Not much, thankfully, but ready to load up and head on our way in about 10 or 15 minutes.

See you later!

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