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Steph played the part of awesome sister today and gave us a ride to O’Hare. Somebody has to be the one to say the hardest goodbye. 🙂 We had great conversation in the car, she gave great advice at the drop off, and we all had plenty of great hugs.

The international terminal is extremely slow at the moment and we cruised through check-in and security with hardly a pause. I’ll admit that I have subconscious issues with the back scatter machine, but this definitely wasn’t the time to have fun opting out.

We are now ready to go, boarding should start in about an hour. Wireless is provided by Boingo, so we opted out of paying until we know how many hotspots we can actually use around Europe. For that reason everyone will probably see this post with a few others.

I’m trying think of one adjective that could possibly describe how I’m feeling right now, but it’s hard. Michelle did sum it up pretty good as we were walking to the gate.

It feels REALLY surreal to be getting on a plane out of the country and have it be so much more than a vacation.

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