Jeremy Felt

I Want To Publish More Stuff

Really, I want to do more writing. It seems though that every time I bring up a post window in Educer to start pounding away at the keyboard, I justify myself away from the post because it’s (a) not long enough, (b) doesn’t fit the normal subject matter, or (c) just doesn’t come out the way I want it to.

In order to get around that, I hope, I’m starting to establish more places for material to be published. I can get my quick thought, RT, slow chat, whatever done on Twitter. As of today, I can hopefully get the quick thought, but a little longer than 140 done at A Little Longer. I’m soon to setup a Tumblr blog that I can use to share media and other random bits. And I already have a Posterous site setup that I love to use when capturing pictures on my phone as kind of a mobile flow thing.

The end goal with all of this is to establish some kind of place for all of this published content to flow through. My own personal aggregator of sorts. The thought right now is that I can take what I learned from building My Status Cloud over the summer and apply it to a real time river of me at some central location.

Could all be very interesting. We’ll see.