Jeremy Felt

My Status Cloud – Now Supporting RSS Cloud and pubsubhubbub

The third post written is the first post published. How does that work?


Number One.

As of last night, My Status Cloud has support for both RSS Cloud and pubsubhubbub.

Now, while everyone decides which protocol to use, we can just use them. Ship both first, then decide. I like that answer the best.

Actually, they both have benefits and can probably coexist. More notes on what I think will follow. I’ve been closely watching the notifications roll in and I do have some observations to share. Even more so than you will see in the next couple posts.

Number Two.

I stated the other night how I felt about the work I’ve been doing. Pretty proud actually. I don’t normally get that way, but it’s cool. 🙂 In fact, how many aggregators do you know support both RSS Cloud and pubsubhubbub? LazyFeed and…. Just saying.

What this really means is that I’ve been head down coding most nights without paying attention much to the usability of the site. I like having something to play with before I decide how to use it. I also avoided any kind of closed alpha/beta time because I think watching the progress can be fun for people. So, usability changes are on the way. Little helpers and hints to make things easy to use will be added.

If you’re using it, let me know. This really is your chance to have a feed reader that has the features you want. We’ll build them. And more feature posts will be coming soon explaining exactly why it is you should be using My Status Cloud.