Jeremy Felt

Sometimes You Want More Rivers – Categories in My Status Cloud

There are a bunch of ideas flying around about all this RSS Cloud stuff. One of the goals is to someday have a decentralized Twitter type implementation. Another is to have blog updates available to all readers through their clients and aggregators as soon as the stories are published. Yet another is to have news and other streams flowing like a river in front of your eyes so you can stop and catch the ones that are important every once and a while.

The good part is that My Status Cloud, which happens to be my favorite RSS Cloud client, supports all of those streams. Right now a multitude of feeds is cruising through at any given time.

The bad part is that it’s trying to be everything at once for the moment. Mostly because the technology is just so damn exciting. 🙂

So, to address this issue for the short term, I’ve decided to organize things by category. Starting several minutes ago, you can now add your own custom categories to MSC and assign them at will to any of the feeds that you are subscribed to. Once you have added categories, a screen somewhat like the following will appear when you are at the main page:

My Status Cloud - Categories

By clicking on the categories at the top, you will see only the items that you have assigned to that category. So, if I’m looking for my decentralized Twitter, I would click on the category 140s that I created. If I want to check out CNN, I click on my News category. Cool stuff!

Now, I am still not convinced that this is the best way to handle things, but I think it happens to be the best way for now. Especially while RSS Cloud tech grows in leaps and bounds as much as it has been lately.