Jeremy Felt

Is Your OPML Cloud Enabled? Let’s Find Out!

New features on My Status Cloud tonight. Actually, one has been around for a couple days, but I wanted to get the next one in before sharing. 🙂

First, my favorite, you can now subscribe by OPML file instead of inputting only a single feed or a .tel domain into the subscription box. How cool is that really? Well, instead of going one by one through your favorite feeds to determine if they’re ready for the next step, you can pass the URL of the entire list of feeds and we’ll do it for you. Pretty sweet.

Do note that if you use this method, the output is going to be a little less friendly. For the sake of showing the user what feeds were or weren’t cloud enabled, I don’t go back to the nice main page after you submit the URL. Instead, I give a list of the URLs that were contained in that OPML file and what the status of each is. The return value will either be:

  • SUCCESS (cloud enabled feed found)
  • EXISTS (we’re already aware)
  • NO CLOUD (feed was found, but it wasn’t cloud enabled)
  • or NO RSS FEED (something just isn’t right about the feed from first automatic glance)

Be aware that if the OPML file you are providing has MANY feeds on it, and some of those feeds are slow to respond, this may take a while to completely process. I’m not fancy enough to handle background scripting for this type of thing yet.

And for a third OPML note- if you have an OPML file that you’d be willing to share, please let me know and I will check it on a regular basis to see when clouds start appearing.

Also, second feature add, you can now mark items as saved when logged in to My Status Cloud. Just look for the little save link at the top of each item to save or un-save it. Then look for the link to your saved items on the left to view anything that has been saved. The first step towards some kind of favorite/star aggregation. You know?

That’s it. More coming. I think XML-RPC is working on the subscription end, but I’m waiting to see how that pans out before providing more detail and options.