Jeremy Felt

Even More Cloud Enabled Feeds (Your Own)

Dave Winer went full on rock and roll on Friday when he told everybody he was following they now have a cloud enabled feed. I’m not sure if he would use this analogy, but he became somewhat of a FeedBurner to Twitter’s proprietary unchangeable publishing format. A TweetBurner?

There is a two part awesomeness to this. One, a bunch of people have RSS cloud enabled feeds without having to lift a finger. And two, tons of developers instantly have RSS cloud enabled feeds available to them for testing. I fit in both categories. 🙂

The only unfortunate thing, which I’m guessing won’t be the case for long, is that you have to be followed by Dave in order to appear in that list.

Fortunately, there’s already an answer for that too if you’re willing to try a little beta software. My Status Cloud is an RSS Cloud aggregator, RSS Cloud client, AND Twitter client. Anything you post to the cloud or Twitter through is immediately available in a cloud enabled feed as well. Mine is here.

And, if you want to publish the feed somewhere else, you can do that to! If you want to know more, see my earlier post on the available features.