Jeremy Felt

Publish, Ping, Subscribe Away With My Status Cloud (You Can Change Settings Now)

Lots of new stuff has been added to My Status Cloud since the last time I chatted. I’ve been in a holding pattern the last couple days while I’ve waited for my thoughts to collect on a few other things, but I haven’t had time to do any actual producing yet, so I’ll push this out for now.

First, the look and feel has changed quite a bit. I always do funny things with colors and rounded corners when I first start, but then get sick of them and go back to shades of grey very quickly – so there you go. Easier to read.

Next, which is more like 4 in 1, you have configurable options!

  • User Settings: You are now able to change or remove your email address and manage your OAuth connection to Twitter through preferences.
  • Ping Settings: If you’ve started to develop your own rss Cloud server and want to try a different client, these settings can be changed to work with your server. Only http-post is supported at the moment, but I’ll be working on a SOAP and XML-RPC version soon.
  • Subscription Settings: Another option for those who have started to implement their own rss Cloud server. These settings allow you to play with the actual cloud element in your My Status Cloud RSS feed. Also with this- only http-post is supported for the time being.
  • Publishing Settings: This is the best part, I think, brought on by what I was thinking in last friday’s post… You can now enter FTP settings to publish your My Status Cloud RSS feed to your own server. If an FTP server exists, the application will attempt to upload your feed (username.xml) to the server specified.

Ponder those changes for a second if you didn’t grab it the first time and I’ll add all the previous pieces together for the overview.

The overview…

  1. You can cross post updates into the rssCloud and/or Twitter at the same time.
  2. Links can be attached as metadata to the update so you can use ALL 140 characters.
  3. These updates, Twitter or not, are saved into an rssCloud compatible feed.
  4. An rssCloud server,, is notified every time you update either the cloud or Twitter.
  5. The My Status Cloud client/aggregator shows you the updates immediately after being notified by the server that it has been updated.
  6. You can publish (or backup) your feed anywhere via FTP.
  7. You can start to manage your feed through an rssCloud server other than

There you have it. Try away and report away if you see anything unexpected.