Jeremy Felt

My Status Cloud – Now With OAuth

Some cool things come along with using OAuth authentication for talking with Twitter. First, you get to have your application name show up in the Twitter timeline. Then, you get to associate an image with your application. Oh, and it makes it more secure when passing information back and forth in the cloud.

Anyhow, that’s been added to My Status Cloud, so feel free to test away with both rssCloud only updates and updates to both the cloud and Twitter.

Also, the aggregator has been souped up a little bit so that it’s starting to become pleasant to use. Not completely usable yet, just pleasant to use. 🙂 If you attach link data to an update, it will be displayed separately in the time line. And any twitter usernames or links in text should be picked up and linked to automatically.

Next on the plate is editable publishing options (among other things), something I touched on with my #blogpostfriday post earlier today.

So keep testing away, and drop me a note if you have something to note about.