Jeremy Felt

A Multi-User rssCloud Implementation

Now it gets more interesting. 🙂

Sitting in my chair watching myself type status updates to myself along with Dave’s automatic lifeliner feed that does a wonderful job of showing different state names and times go by is great and all, but playing with some real content would also be nice.

So. As of now, anybody can signup for an account at and start using the concepts of the rssCloud in tandem with Twitter. Or without Twitter, that’s always an option too.

Yes, yes, this is too early. And it’s probably buggy. But you can still give it a go if you want. I’ll try to sum up what it does in a few blurbs.

  1. It is a basic authentication Twitter client. You can Tweet and push to the rssCloud at the same time.
  2. It is an rssCloud client. You can push to the rssCloud without Tweeting.
  3. An xml feed is generated on your first update.
  4. A cloud server ( is notified of every update.
  5. A 24 hour subscription is maintained with that cloud server.
  6. Every user is automatically subscribed to every user. This is temporary, but should be fun to watch the flow.

That should get you by for now. If not, sign up anyway and play around. Then, checkout the material at and my personal Week 1 status report to get caught up on what this is all about.

Beyond fixing bugs that should be fixed when found, these updates are coming within the next few days:

  • OAuth. Then you may feel comfortable using your main Twitter account. 🙂
  • Aggregation Code. It will work by streaming or refreshing, but streaming is on the fritz a bit.
  • Subscription maintenance.

I got a late start, but it looks like Week 2 is still shaping up to be a productive one.