Jeremy Felt

More Gordon Ramsey Cookware, This Time a Review

The other day when I posted a link to Gordon Ramsey’s cookware after the whole Hell’s Kitchen/Google Trends incident, I failed to actually read any of the reviews that were located under said cookware. This one in particular means that you have to buy it:

Title: I am become Donkey, Destroyer of filets

Author: sumguy “mjp21” (Ashland, MA USA)

Review: Ever since I wore out my last set of Kitchenaid pots and pans, I’ve been looking for something tough to complement my kitchen. With Gordon Ramsey’s line of cookware, I feel like Gordon is over my shoulder telling me it’s RAW! Sometimes I throw a slice of Wellington at the wall for effect. I swear, every time I flip a burnt piece of salmon I can feel his disdain and disappointment in the handle.

There’s no more questioning whether or not my mother’s risotto recipe is absolutely crap, when it comes out of these pots I can serve dinner knowing full well that I am culinary Pol Pot, and I should have my chef’s knives broken in two.

Well said, sumguy, well said.