Jeremy Felt

It’s 21:00 PDT, Do You Know Where Your (Gmail) Labs Are?

Google made a big deal about this new Gmail labs feature that they’re releasing, even going so far as to publicly announce the launch time (6:00PM PDT) that the new feature would be launching. Way cool stuff is expected, most coolest of all– the snakey game, one of my childhood obsessions on one of our first few computers. Obsession.

Needless to say, the only reason this post is being written instead of the “hey guys, snakey’s the shit in gmail” post, is because— it’s 9:00PM PDT and it hasn’t launched yet. Grr… C’mon Google, hit the schedule or go back to sneaky secrets again. At least waking up to a surprise would be better than this. I want my damn Snakey.

In reality, I sympathize with the coders who told their bosses– “yeah, we can totally roll this out worldwide in like 15 minutes”– and are now furiously trying to figure out why the on switch didn’t work. Or I understand that this could all be part of the plan, slow roll and all that. But. By making myself look like a jackass by complaining, I’m increasing the chances that it gets turned on as soon as I hit the publish button. Bets?

On a side note. I do know that I linked to TechCrunch and the Washington Post above. And I do know that they are the same article, written on TC, cross posted on WP. I just wanted to make note that it fooled me for a brief second when I searched Google News for “gmail labs” and the first result was a WP article. I was like, damn they’re on their game, but then was like, oh, it’s TC. Either way, good distribution for TC. But where are the screenshots on the WP article, that should definitely be worked out. End rant.