Jeremy Felt

TopTwit.Com Launched

I was slightly bored yesterday and slightly interested when I ran into Alltop was interesting, but it would be great if there was a fully customizable version (at least for Twitter) that let you decide which people you wanted on your page so you could browse their last 5 tweets. Robert Scoble said the same thing in a twitter/friendfeed post the other day, so I figured there was probably some demand for it. If the king of noise is looking for something to provide more noise, why not give it to him.

I immediately got to work, registered the domain, and pounded out the site. [1] is the result of that work. It’s fairly basic right now, but pretty easy as well. You can sign up for an account, add the Twitter users that you want to follow, and then go to the [1] front page and browse through each user’s last 5 tweets to the world.

A full writeup explaining everything is available on my TopTwit page. Please comment there or here with any feedback that you have. I’ll be adding more features and tweaking throughout the week.

[1] removed link to as this project is dead and I am no longer the owner of the domain.