Jeremy Felt

Blackberry Pearl 8130 Memory Issues

I wonder how many people, like me, received their brand new Blackberry Pearl 8130 about a month ago and went crazy over all the features and their new wonderfully enormous unlimited data plan. I wonder how many of those people then went out onto the google web and searched for all the wonderful little useful apps that they could use. And I bet all of them synced it up with every single one of their email accounts because it is just so damn addictive. Last, but not least, they probably started to twitter again because they no longer had to worry about how many texts they sent.

And then.

They probably noticed that they hadn’t gotten any text messages all day.

Of course, it looked like they were getting them, the notifier noise went off, the little new message indicator went on, the little new message indicator went off, and the message was nowhere to be found.

Wouldn’t you know it, the scenario laid out before you is a known issue involving a memory leak on the device. After repeated use, especially with lots of email/sms, things start going wacky until you take the battery out and reset the whole thing. Granted, it has been almost a month, so I’m almost ok with that. But you would think that the same thing could be accomplished by powering off the Blackberry, not phsyically removing the power source. Grrrr…. Oh well, back to the BB.