Sitemeter Hearts Specificclick, Jeremy UnHearts Sitemeter

After I made the last post, I went to the main Ramblewords site to make sure everything was looking right. Much to my surprise (I’m obviously naive), the page took a while longer to load and was stuck on something called specificclick…. huh? I did a quick search and stumbled upon this post calling out Sitemeter not just for using 3rd party cookies, but not informing everybody as to what is being done with this data. Sure enough, I checked my Firefox cookies and saw a list of them from specificclick. Not knowing exactly who they are or what they’re about (i.e. what’s done with the data), I decided to remove Sitemeter from the page. It’s been a long few years, but I’m not sure why I’m paying them 6.95/month just to have them track extra data on everybody that comes around. Free version, maybe. Explicit reasoning, maybe. But not in this case.

Luckily, I still have Google Analytics setup to see what’s going on with everything, and Mashable posted a huge list of analytics tools the other day that I can sort through to find something else, but Sitemeter is done.

Oh, and to top it off– There is no easy way to cancel your account or even change payment information on Sitemeter’s site. The only cancellation option is through a general webmaster email. Here’s hoping this whole process doesn’t turn stupid.

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