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Jeremy’s Honey Mustard Chicken

Note: This was originally posted April 24th, 2005, but was lost in the great ramble disaster of 2006. It is now being revived.

Mmmm honey mustard.

For some reason I got the urge to make this last night because I had never made my own honey mustard sauce, so I tossed version 1.0 together to see how it went. Definitely worth it.

The key seems to be in the mustard. The Jack Daniels mustards kick ass, very highly recommended. I went with the Stone Ground Dijon this time.

The honey should have been better than the generic crap that I was able to find, but we already finished the massive amount that my beekeeper neighbors gave us, so generic it was.

Anyway. Pour a massive amount of honey and a massive amount of mustard (about equal) into a bowl. Toss in sprinkles, pinches, and shakes of salt, basil, paprika, cinnamon, dill, and garlic salt. Stir, taste, stir, taste, add some of what you”re missing, stir, and taste.

Place chicken in bowl to soak in the beautiful goodness for about 15 minutes. While waiting, open up a Leinenkugel Honey Weiss and start chopping up garlic cloves and shallots. When done, get cooking.

Pour a generous amount of olive oil in a heavy skillet and turn the heat up high. Throw in the shallots and garlic and saute them. When ready, take a couple chicken breasts and place in the middle of the now wonderful smelling pan. Turn the heat down to medium and cook for a couple minutes. Flip the chicken over and cook the other side for a couple more. Then, turn the heat down low, low, low, and let each side sit for at least 5 more minutes a piece.

While that’s going on, make some salad or anything else you might want to mix up with it. Then, remove the chicken from the pan (don’t forget the wonderful pieces of garlic and onion), and place it on your plate. Add some salad, maybe a little extra honey mustard sauce and voila, you now have juicy, wonderful, and brilliant honey mustard chicken.

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