Jeremy Felt

Rooney Fails and England Loses and Portugal Goes Against Brazil France

Cristiano Ronaldo - GRRR

Portugal just won against England and that sucks. Someday, somewhere, the stupid penalty kick system after overtime will be eliminated and the teams will just play until somebody scores. Someday, somewhere.

When that time comes, punks like Ronaldo (above) won’t have the final say, one on one, against a goalie that is nowhere near the size of his net.

Someday, somewhere, Wayne Rooney (below) will learn not to stomp on opposing players “private parts” and get his stupid ass ejected from the most important game he has ever played.

Why Rooney? WHY?!?!

Wayne Rooney Failed

Oh well… kids will be kids. Too bad Brazil France is going to eat Portugal for breakfast next week. And Ronaldo will be happy no more.

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