“Hamden vs. Rumsfeld” Meets “AP vs. Hamden”

Man, the AP doesn’t like Gitmo prisoner, Salim Ahmed Hamdan. A bunch of pictures are spattered around an article about how the supreme court ruled against the Gitmo war trials. They are as such:

The article begins and ends with the same goofy looking picture of Mr. Hamdan. It is filled with 4 different angles of Commander Charles Swift and some Attorney, Neal Katyal.

The best part is that neither Commander Swift or Mr. Katyal are mentioned anywhere in the actual article about, among other things, Mr. Hamdan.

Now, if I were him, I would wait until this stupid Gitmo stuff is done and then sue the crap out of the Associated Press. It’s not like the US is going to give you any money when you’re finally found to be innocent.

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