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Google Checkout – Goodbye Paypal, I Love Google More

Ha, I never used paypal anyway.

Google was sneaky. They made everybody think that Google Checkout [GBuy / Gpal / Whatever] was going to be announced yesterday and then they waited until early this morning to announce it. But it’s up. And the winner of the official site address is Yeeha.

It looks like it will be pretty slick so far. They have a bunch of merchants listed out and when you go to any of those online stores, you start seeing familiar little Google signs.

Starbucks for example:


Once you click on that nice little Google Checkout button, it sends you back over to Google’s servers with order information in hand. At this point, you use the credit card information that you have already stored with Google to make the purchase. Hi ho.

It looks like it’s going to be as easy as Paypal to use for just about anything you would want. The seller information that they have posted makes it seem like anybody can use it. I’ll try to sign up as a seller just for the heck of it and see what happens. Also, if you take their little tour of the service, you see the part where you can track all orders in one place. So if I get something from, something from Starbucks, and something from a dozen other stores (think Christmas), I don’t have to hunt around my e-mail and the web for an hour trying to find status on everyting, I just go to Google. Lovely Google.

I’ll post more on the coolness when I use it for the first time and when I figure out the selling part. Seriously though, go checkout Google Checkout yourself.

HA. HA. Ha. That was bad.

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