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Jeremy’s Quest To Harness The Power of Search – First Update

Surprise, surprise… MSN Search and Microsoft’s win the prize. That actually blew me away a little bit. I would think that using Google’s sitemaps tool would have updated the search results a lot quicker than it did, but although I can watch the results change day by day, it still hasn’t come full circle yet. Here are the quick little updates for my quest:

MSN Search

Before, MSN was returning one search result showing a link to the category in which the post was made, but not to the post itself. Now I get this:

Nice. It links directly to the post in question and gives a link to one of the two categories that it was posted in. The only thing I did with MSN is fill out a little feedback form that explained what appeared to be happening. I’m not sure if they saw it or not, but something changed.


This one came in at a close second. I noticed the results on MSN change earlier, but Live hadn’t yet. When I just checked it, they were looking like this:

Much, much better. Before, the result was only the 2 categories that it was in, and not the post itself. I didn’t do anything to change this one, kind of relying on the comment made to the normal MSN search team. It appeared that after the MSNbot crawled the site for itself, just listened to what they had to say. Sweet.

That’s it for now. Yahoo and Google appear to be changing the way that they see Ramblewords right now, but neither of them have picked up the right stuff. is still a failure and I’m gathering information on them for a lovely rant post because of their contextual double standards. Yeah… I’ll be back.

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