Jeremy Felt

Google Brainmapped My Mind (And I Loved It)

The other day I mentioned that I had updated my Google Sitemaps file as part of my mission to exist in search results once again… How ironic. Today Google announces an update to Sitemaps after totally reading my mind. Seriously though.

When I was going through the sitemaps stuff the other day, I was thinking to myself that things looked a little different and was kind of kicking myself that I hadn’t even remembered for the longest time that Google was offering this. Sure enough, a few days later and I’m actually convinced that this announcement comes after the changes were made a few days ago. I could be wrong, but nothing looks different now versus what it looked like the other day. Not that it makes a huge difference, but you know.

Major props to Google for actually offering this service though. Yahoo shows up all the time in the crawl logs but doesn’t provide any information on how their browsing your site. Same with MSN and Ask just tells you to F off when you try adding a site there (more on that later). It’s nice to be able to at least think to yourself that you have some ounce of control over the content before, during, and after the wait/crawl/search process is going on.

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