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The Songs of En Ger Land

England Soccer Fan

If you aren’t familiar with World Cup songs yet, you should be. It seems as if world championship football brings out the best and worst of music from England. And whether or not you are cheering for En Ger Land to win this year (i am), these should provide entertaining enough.

Wunderbar Engerland – The Terraces

This song is performed by The Terraces, who are calling it the Official England Rabble Rouser 2006. They don’t have it available for download, but they posted a video at YouTube and a profile on Myspace where you can listen to:

    wunderbar, wunderbar, engerland, wunderbar
    engerland, wunderbar, engerland, wunderbar

World Cup Song – Stan Boardman

Stan Boardman is an English comedian that is famous enough to have his own wikipedia site, but it doesn’t sound like he’s really that famous. Anyhow, he has his own website that has a bad club mix of the song playing in the background to advertise a ringtone. It’s possible that unbeknownst to him, there is a myspace profile up that has a download link for the song:

    Singing aye aye yippy yippy aye
    singing aye aye yippy yippe aye
    singing aye aye yippy, the Germans bombed our chippy
    singing aye aye yippy yippy aye

It really is wonderful. More later, I don’t want to overload you with more than 2 weeks to go.

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