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Google Changes Cool Calendar to Ultra Cool Calendar – I Rejoice

This has been floating around the internets for a few days now, but Google has officially announced the ability to share your Google Calendars with the world on your website (see the test calendar above). Now I just need to find a good way to use this because I know that the possibilities are all ultra cool.

There are a bunch of things that you can do to allow managing and sharing the calendar with everyone else, and I’ll get to playing around with those later. For now you can just stare at the embeded calendar in this post and wish that I had more to do….

Update: Ok, now that it’s posted, I know how it looks. There’s a bunch of extra white space hanging around and I’m not sure if that’s the way WordPress has handled the iframe or if it’s part of the iframe… When I’m not actually on the clock at my real job, I’ll figure out how to make it look ultra pretty. I’m thinking it’ll be fun to have a seperate calendar page anyway, it’s not really designed for a post by post deal.

Update 2: Ha ha… ok then. WordPress is not liking my little Google Calendar iframe, so I give up for the moment. I’ll look at it later. Until then, try it out for yourself…

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