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Google Trends World Cup Conspiracy and the Struggle for a Creative Title

We were 2/3 in yesterday’s results for the World Cup, using the Google Trends Conspiracy Method (GTCM). All these acronymys, I’m going to have to pick one sooner or later, we still have 3 more weeks of this. Ha. Anyhow, here’s what happened:

So I’ll admit that I was wrong on Ecuador, but it was a really hard trend graph to read. Costa Rica only beat them out by a smidge on the normal results and Ecuador was actually ahead in the news trends, so I basically took a guess.

The other matches went off without a hitch though, In-Ger-Land took care of the Trinitoes without a problem, and Sweden, however worried I was, took out Paraguay.

Now, the action for today has already started, but here’s the rundown on the matches:

It’s already obvious that Argentina completely destroyed Serbia-Montenegro today, which we pretty much knew was going to happen. As I write this, the Netherlands are tied with Cote d’Ivoire at 0-0 20 minutes into the game and Mexico is waiting in the hotel to drive to the field for the Angola annihilation. Yee-ha.

Ok, and to finish this off… I’m going camping in a few hours and won’t be back until Sunday. Because of that I’ll toss up the predictions for tomorrow…

    June 17th Matches:

  • Iran vs. Portugal
  • Ghana vs. Czech Republic
  • USA vs. Italy

There you have it. Iran and Portugal is going to be a tight one. Same issue there with the news results and regular results being different, so we’ll see. And I don’t really expect the USA to keep winning, but if they do– it definitely proves the Google Trends World Cup Conspiracy (GTWCC). Ha, there’s another one for you.

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