Drudge Falls Asleep At The Wheel, Wakes Up To Cuddle With Couric Again

He does love her so….

Daily Show Ad

“We had fake news years before CBS hired Katie Couric”

This ad pictured above, hilarious as it is, came out in the June 5 edition of the hollywood reporter. It is possible that it floated around just before that, but you never know. Needless to say, it came out well before today.

Drudge today (June 16th), posts this flash, huffing and puffing announcing that:

CBSNEWS parent company VIACOM has began placing ads slamming its very own Katie Couric!

Ok, a few things.

  1. The Daily Show is joking, that’s what they do best.
  2. This is old (or not even) news, Drudge. Stick to slamming more political libs.
  3. Add RSS to your site already, it’s getting old.

Ok, I’m done ranting at somebody I don’t know. But seriously, this has already made the rounds.

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