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TagFetch – Too Lazy to Visit All Those Tag Sites? Yes.

Woohoo, I have a new favorite search tool. Ok, not favorite, but you know… “up and coming”.

TagFetch is a nice little combo service that searches the tags on different media/blog/news sites such as flickr, technorati,… you get the point.

It takes the top results from all of these and tosses them into a nice little page for you to browse all at once– and it does it quickly. It really becomes quite addictive very fast. It also has a bunch of potential.

A post on the TagFetch blog mentions that there are 3 things that will be added in the future:

  • People want RSS feeds of fetches individual or whole (working it)
  • People want more feeds fetched” (working on it)
  • People want the site to be more web 2.0-ish” well we have a brand new site design, results UI, and AJAX all coming at you very very soon!!!

Ok, so I don’t need the “web 2.0ish” BS, but the RSS is definitely necessary, and the addition of other tag sites would be ultra cool. The key thing is to keep it fast. If it slows down, then it’s much easier to go to the respective sites.

The only thing I’m not sure of yet is the feature set that is included when you’re actually logged into the site. They give a spot for signup/login, but you never get e-mail confirmation and it never allows you to actually login to the site. I’m going to leave a comment on the blog to see if I get a response, but until then the logged out version is fun enough.

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