Jeremy Felt

Google vs. The World – Rigging FIFA Part 3

More of the same from yesterday’s World Cup matches. Google is still in full control, allowing only the countries with the largest Google Trends results to win their matches… and only a couple personal exceptions so far.

South Korea and Brazil both won without a hitch, but France was a different story. Because of recent moves to destroy Google, they were slated to lose against the Swiss. Unfortunately, the Swiss being such a neutral team, they refused to score any goals as well and it ended in a tie.

I don’t think we’ll have the same political trouble with today’s matches, but you never know. The host team is up again and the Germans are ready to go crazy. Winners are highlighted in bold.

11:19am Update: Spain ripped the Ukraine apart 4-0, further strengthening the Google Trends Conspiracy Theory (GTCT, I like that). Now let’s start cheering for the Saudis.

2:08pm Update: Ok, so the Saudis should have won and that counts enough in my book. Even Google Trends can’t control a goal at 92 minutes… freakin’ bastards.

5:16pm Update: As expected, the Google Trends backed host team took care of Poland 1-0 in their second match of the tournament. They are now at the top of group A with 6 points, and I’m pretty sure that guarantees they will move on. Still need to cover that whole FIFA format/rules thing I’m still unfamiliar with.

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