Jeremy Felt

Amazon Does Groceries

Yummy Granola

Yee-ha… Amazon has had their Gourmet Food section up for quite a while now. You can get stuff like salt, sea salt, black sea salt, and oranges.

There is a bunch more stuff, but you get the point.

Now, Amazon Grocery has begun and the world of online Amazon food has opened up just a little bit more. For example… the image above is of this Back to Nature Granola, which I thoroughly enjoy. So far it’s price every where else has hovered around the $3.59 mark. Amazon’s offer is a 6 pack for $15.36… $2.56 a bag. That’s kind of awesome.

Granted, I could probably get the same thing at Sam’s Club or Costco, but those places suck. is much more friendly. I’m going to have to explore the site a little more, but this could come in nice and handy.

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