Jeremy Felt

I for England, UU for World Cup

Ok, so I’m not even going to lie… I’m actively paying attention to the wonderful FIFA World Cup this year, but I have no idea what I’m paying attention to. I’m not watching the games on TV or even listening to them on the radio, but somehow Google has managed to have the hookup so far when it comes to keeping me updated.

Now, even though I don’t know anything about anything in the world of unamerican football, I decided that I should choose a team to care about. It’s funner that way. I listen to Chris Moyles on the way to work every morning (thank you syrius), so it’s become fairly obvious that I will be rooting for . It’s also become obious that the people rooting for have a lot of fun.

Example one – Go listen to Sweet Ingerland, the Sweet Caroline remake that is now a football chant song.

There are no more examples.

But I hear a lot of them on Radio 1, so I might be able to post another one someday.

Anyhow. Go England for kicking the crap out of Paraguay (or at least beating them 1-0 with an own goal)… who the hell is Paraguay anyway? Ha ha. Right. Now it’s off to learn more about the .

Ingerland, Ingerland, Ingerland.

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