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Google Trends Word Cup Football – Prediction or Manipulation

I have found undeniable proof that throughout the matches already played in the 2006 FIFA World Cup, every single one has been manipulated by the money hounding fans at Google. There was some wonder at first as to why Google was so excited with the World cup, besides the obvious deal with Nike that they had going on at the Joga site. Now I know.

Sergey and Larry have spent billions of dollars to make sure that only the most searched for countries move onto the next round. By doing this, they guarantee that no search revenue is lost by the inevidable disappointment of a large upset.

Need to see the proof yourself? Check out the following search comparisons at Google Trends.

And you thought I was full of it. We’ll just have to see now, won’t we? The next 2 days matches are listed below with the Trends winner in bold. If these matches go through without a hitch, then there’s no way I’m wrong. The only one in question is the South Korea vs. Togo. I think Google wants South Korea to win, but is afraid of ticking off North Korea in lieu of their upcoming business plans with Kim Jong-il, so is therefore afraid to make a clear cut decision. If you thought the China deal was weird, just wait. This may be one of those that they throw on purpose to make it look like no wrong is being done.

Upcoming matches:

    June 12th

  • Australia vs. Japan
  • USA vs. Czech Republic
  • Italy vs. Ghana
    June 13th

  • South Korea vs. Togo
  • France vs. Switzerland
  • Brazil vs. Croatia

That’s it for now, I’ll follow up over the next few days to discuss the results and predict the rest of the tournament

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