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Empty Empty Thirsty Thirsty Fill My Glass!

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Apparently I can blog photos from Flickr and automatically have them post here… that’s ultra cool. Probably could have figured that out a year ago.

Yeah… so Phil and I sat in a diner a couple weeks ago from something like 10am-3pm, or 4pm, or whatever. Point is – one water each, one soda each, one refill of the soda each within the first 45 minutes or so.

5 hours…. 3 glasses of liquid. Total failure. The waitress did everything except come back and ask us if we wanted more liquid in the liquid holders that are designed for holding liquid in order for you to drink liquid from them. That would make too much sense.

By the time we left, Phil wrote on a napkin – “Soooo Thirsty” (or something to that effect) and mounted it as a sign on top of the glasses. Ok, story done.

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