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This Is Apparently Something About New Jersey

Ok. Flashback time. Apparently I posted something about New Jersey state songs a year and a half ago. I probably got it through BoingBoing, but who knows. It was extremely amusing to myself at the time and got a big fat zero in feedback. This was to be expected as it was a post about a song about New Jersey that wasn’t really even the official New Jersey state song (or was it). I even included a nice little editor’s note apologizing for the lack of content.


And let”s not forget about “Be Proud To Be In New Jersey” by Mark Winter & Ellen Winter, which was nominated by the NJ State Council on the Arts to be the official NJ state song. You can check out the site at and listen to it, read the lyrics and get a whole bunch of other information!

The above comment comes in on May 30th of this year from a guy who calls himself Jersey Guy. (Me thinks he lives in North Carolina). Apparently New Jersey still does not have an official state song and there are several groups of people competing for the honor. The original post mentioned and this post mentioned the other.Granted, all this information comes from flippantly browsing through each of the sites in question and not actually calling the governor of New Jersey to find out what the real story on the state song is. If I lived in New Jersey, I might actually research it more. For now, I’ll passively absorb information that I stumble into on the internets. So if you hear something, let me know.

Yeah. And … I’ve grown fond of the word apparently. And yeah again. While finishing this up I accidently stumbled upon the first part of the real story, so I’ll post again in a year and a half with the final word on the State Song.

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