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We Return to Our Regular Broadcasting Schedule

Although that regular broadcasting schedule may be interrupted again on Monday night thanks to 29’s prime time speech.

Inch Beach
Yeah I took that picture. Yeah it makes a sweet header. And there’s plenty more where that came from. I could change the header image every day for a year if I really felt that it would accomplish something. Or something.

Anyhow. I’m finishing up the battle that I’ve been having with myself while trying to decide which theme for WordPress I want to run. That last one was cool, but not really functional enough for what I wanted. This one is pretty sweet and it shouldn’t be too hard to modify.

Once that battle is done… Maybe I’ll start posting again. There’s a bunch of stuff like Washington Post articles on inequality, youtube teenage mutant ninja turtle nonsense, and Cajun music mp3s that I keep on intending to mention, but I never make it past the bookmark.

Then the politics. When Neil Young sings about Obama, it should be mentioned. And when Obama rips on Mr. 29%, it should also be mentioned. It’s just too bad that Obama won’t follow Neil Young’s dreams.

After all that, I’ll start getting to the book reviews. Somehow I had plenty of time to read when I had mono.

After the book reviews, I’ll go over a brief rundown of the mono chronicles, explaining how mono, however painful, is great for you.

Oh yeah, I had mono, it was awesome!

And then. We’ll be back to normal. Like we ever were.

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