Jeremy Felt

Domestic Surveillance is My Homeboy

This is getting fun. Front page of the NYTimes today is an article on wonderful domestic spying surveillance. There’s bound to be some wonderful things said about this.

Like General Hayden, who is probably about to be confirmed as the new CIA director:

“Everything that N.S.A. does is lawful and very carefully done”

That might be my favorite. Of course there’s the nod from Mr. 29 that:

“the government does not listen to domestic phone calls without court approval.”

And if that’s the case, then this next article makes a ton of sense.

An investigation by the Justice Department ethics office into the conduct of department lawyers who approved the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program has been closed because investigators were denied security clearances, according to a letter sent to Congress on Wednesday.

So, it’s impossible to investigate the surveillance because they don’t have the necessary clearance, but the government gets court approval for all the domestic calls that it listens to?Is this approval coming from a different court that does have security clearance?

The real best part is how the worst phone company in the world, Qwest, is the one that didn’t pass their records over when requested because:

it concluded that doing so would violate federal privacy laws

. That’s pretty tight right there.Oh well… who else is looking forward to the diversion speech on Monday?


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