Jeremy Felt

Begin Re-Entry

More and more snazzy stuff just keeps being stumbled upon.

Today I stumbled upon Fold, which has the potential to be way cool. A desktop built into a web page, which has been done to a point before, but this is the best I’ve played with so far. Lots of coolness potential.

Then, after writing up a small “Intro to RSS” blurb for my Dad last night, detailing the setup of Sage in Firefox, I decided to also give Google Reader another go for my feed reading. And I like it this time. I think I was too used to FeedDemon when I tried using reader before, and the interface kind of ticked me off. But now that I’ve been away from regular blog reading for a while, I’m pretty happy with it.

Did I mention that Google Calendar kicks ass? I think so. Well, it still does. A lot.

Enough of that. Maybe now I’ll stumble upon a regular blogging schedule again. That might be cool.

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