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The Great Story of California – I Bet It Could Get Better

What does it take to get Jeremy to post anymore? Stick him at SFO for several hours with a laptop and a T-Mobile hotspot and you”re bound to get something. Especially when the flight he”s taking back to Chi-land, which was already the red-eye, turns even more red-eye by being delayed until 12:20am. Who want to take bets that it gets delayed again? Thanks snow.

Yeah, right now I”m apparently the only one in the airport, because I actually got a chair right next to a power outlet so I can use my laptop for more than .5 seconds. And isn”t this a fitting end to the trip”.

  • Thursday, (4am CST) – Wake up, get ready, leave for Midway late.
  • Thursday, (6:50am CST) – Walk up to the ticket counter after running in from the parking lot, proclaiming to the ticket agent: “I think I”m screwed, but””
  • Thursday, (6:52am – 7:00am CST) – Run through the airport, stand behind ultra slow people in the security line, run up to the farthest gate ATA uses at Midway, watch the corridor retract from the side of the plane.
  • Thursday, (7:00am CST) – “Damn”
  • Thursday, (7:00am – 8:00am CST) – Call everyone who might be up proclaiming stupidity, confirm I”m screwed until a later date with ATA, then purchase one way ticket with Southwest to San Jose instead of San Francisco, leaving at 9:20am.
  • Thursday, (8:00am – 9:00am CST) – Hang out at Midway. Joy.
  • Thursday, (9:20am – 1:45pm CST) – Fly to San Jose. Switch to PST.
  • Thursday, (12pm – 5:30pm PST) – Meet with client, la la la.
  • Thursday, (6:00pm – 10:00pm PST) – Drive around San Jose, get hotel, go to dinner, come back.
  • Thursday, (11:30pm PST) – Fall into deep sleep immediately upon touching bed after being up for ~21 hours on 4 hours of sleep.
  • Friday, (5:30am PST) – Wake up for some odd reason, stay up for an even odder reason.
  • Friday, (9:30am – 5:00pm PST) – Meet with client, la la la.
  • Friday, (5:00pm – 8:00pm PST) – Drink Fat TireScore
  • Friday, (8:00pm – 8:40pm PST) – Ride from San Jose to San Francisco to use original return flight ticket.
  • Friday, (8:40pm PST) – Get dropped off at SFO, wish coworker farewell, prepare for 3 hour wait before flight.
  • Friday, (8:45pm PST) – Walk into airport, find plane delayed 40 minutes, prepare for 3 hour, 40 minute wait.
  • Friday, (8:46pm PST) – Realize that cell phone has been forgotten in the rental car, driven by coworker.
  • Friday, (8:48pm – 9:30pm PST) – Spend lots of change trying to call my phone and others in order to figure out coworkers phone number. Get ahold of coworker, he is back in San Jose.
  • Friday, (9:30pm – 11:25pm PST) – Wait. Get on internet. Write extremely long itinerary post just for the heck of it. Plan for the future.. (that”s everything after this one in case you were wondering.)
  • Saturday, (12:20am PST) – Flight leaves for Chicago.
  • Saturday, (6:30am CST) – Flight arrives in Chicago.
  • Saturday, (7:00am CST) – Jeremy arrives at work.
  • Saturday, (11:30am CST) – Jeremy leaves work.
  • Saturday (12:00pm CST) – Jeremy lies down in bed and sleeps, satisfied that he was able to follow a 21 hour day with a 28 hour day and not go crazy insane.

I will now leave you to ponder the above and enjoy whatever it is you were doing before you got wrapped up in this loveliness. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

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